Friday, January 10, 2014

Book review of Icinga Network Monitoring by Packt Publishing

I got an opportunity to technically review Icinga Network Monitoring by Packt Publishing by chance in 2013. I believe that I have written down some articles about Icinga on this blog.
 It was my first time to technically review a book actually and I already expressed my gratitude for this opportunity, but I'd like to thank to those who gave me this opportunity again and I also hope that Icinga Network Monitoring will help especially the beginners learn about Icinga.

Icinga Network MonitoringIcinga Network Monitoring by Viranch Mehta

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I honestly believe that this book will be the help for beginers who want to learn Icinga, on the other hand, it might not be entirely satisfactory for those who want go deeper into Icinga.
What I like about this book is it has good schemes to systematically understand its architecture and how to, because it is hard and takes time to grasp the whole structure of a monitoring software.
For example,

* Each chapters are well composed with introdcution and summary
* Enough tables, diagrams, and graphs to help us understand their images or concept
* Showing how to write and integrate custom plugins
* Threshold values about warning and critical are explained with command line and interepretation
* Index implemented

You can check the Icinga architecure with the graphs at the official HP, if you want to understand it deeper or more.

I'm expecting that the book for Icinga-2.x will be published soon.

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Finally, I am introducing one of my document about monitoring solution as it's not today's theme, but close to it. I am currently looking for and verifying the cloud monitoring solution, both OSS and SaaS which AWS Partner Network to automatically register and monitor the nodes on AWS. I tried these solutions below for example,

I summarized my evaluation on Zabbix for HyClops, StackDriver, and CopperEgg on my slideshare (written in Japanese)

I am also thinking that how much Icinga automates discovering, registering and monitoring them some day!

Today, that's it!