Monday, March 10, 2014

Book review of Getting Started with Phalcon by Packt Publishing

I decided to study Phalcon PHP Framework by reading Getting Started with Phalcon because I was very beginner about PHP Framework itself.

Getting Started with PhalconGetting Started with Phalcon by Stephan A Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had known nothing about the Phalcon PHP framework before reading "Getting Started with Phalcon", but I learned the basic step by step with the following chapters:
* Chapter 1: Installing Phalcon
* Chapter 2: Setting Up a Phalcon Project
* Chapter 3: Using Phalcon Models, Views, and Controllers
* Chapter 4: Handling Data in Phalcon
* Chapter 5: Using Phalcon's Features

I think that I did take the first step of the Phalcon PHP framework with "Getting Started with Phalcon", but I believe that the very beginners should read the official documentation section to understand the basic, because the book mainly focuses on their function, not the reason why Phalcon PHP Framework is needed, the principles of PHP Framework itself, and Framework Benchmarks.

The sample codes and the comments at each section help us understand how they work and what they do at each chapter to follow the instructions and create the sample project. The author also provides the sample codes in the book at their github,, so we can quickly and easily try them.

Lastly, I think that there's some instructions that have been not correct about installing process because some commands or URL have been updated. I just revised some of the commands on my blog here.

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Lastly, there are some instructions which needed to be revised when creating a working environment with Amazon Linux AMI on AWS.

P11 Installing Phalcon on Linux
sudo yum install php-develphp-mysqlnd ccc libtool
sudo yum install php-mysqlnd gcc libtool

P12 Installing Phalcon on Linux
git clone git://
git clone git://

This is just beginning of studying Phalcon PHP Framework, so I need to create sample application with the framework later.

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