Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book review of Raspberry Pi Server Essentials by Packt Publishing

I bought Raspberry Pi and SD card to try something related with hardware components recently because I've been using public cloud like AWS for years, but I just felt like trying to use a tiny computing and gathering some data into public cloud.
As I was very new with Raspberry Pi, I just bought a text book to learn about what I can do with Raspberry Pi quickly. This is my review of the book.

Raspberry Pi Server Essentials

Raspberry Pi Server EssentialsRaspberry Pi Server Essentials by Piotr Kula

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you want to try hands-on about installing several servers such WEB, DB, open source games, Streaming, and playing audio on Raspberry Pi, this book will bring you a good and quick hands-on step by step. But, it is focusing on application, there are little study about H/W component and its architecture, programming, nor server architecture. However, If you are a beginner with Raspberry Pi, it will be the first step to have fun with it by paying at least $55 ($10: Book, $35: Raspberry Pi, $10: SD card). Besides, I recommend you should buy the kindle edition.

This is quick review for each chapter.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
Summrized hardware requirement, essential peripherals and installing OS. You can find what you need to enjoy Raspberry Pi at the essentials peripehrals section.

Chapter 2: Preparing the Network
Wireless configuration, benchmarking tools and Internet configuration are great and helpful

Chapter 3: Configuring Extra Features
Hardware watchdog is interesting to monitor its status.

Chapter 4: Using a Fast PHP Web Server and Database
Summirized minimum setup and configuration to implement LAMP servers.

Chapter 5: Setting Up a File Server
If you need a File server, you should read it.

Chapter 6: Setting Up the Game Servers
Here, it's getting more playful by installing open source games.

Chapter 7: Bitcoins ? Pools and Mining
I am not interested in Bitcoins and mining, so I skipped. But, it might be interesting to measure how much CPU is used during the mining.

Chapter 8: Streaming Live HD Video
Short hands-on about how to stream video by installing and compiling.
It was fun because I've never had experienced in streaming and gave me a quick insight how to stream.

Chapter 9: Setting Up a Media Center
This chapter also shows streaming and playing audio and was fun to try to play audio and make slideshows.

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This is This is my Raspberry Pi!

By the way, I tried internet bandwidth with via LAN, following at Chapter 2.
The bandwidth is not so bad.

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