Friday, August 29, 2014

Configuring and Enabling Virutal MFA for AWS account

I tried enabling AWS MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for AWS root account, as it supports Virtual MFA applications such as Google Authenticator for iPhone or Android or Authenticator for Windows phone as for free and we can use AWS MFA itself without any charge as well.
This is a quick instruction to apply AWS MFA with Google Authenticator.

  1. Install Google Authenticator in your smartphone.
    Cf. Virtual MFA applications
  2. Enable virtual MFA application with the official instruction.

    * Sign in to the AWS Management Console and move to IAM section.
    * Click Manage MFA.

    * Select "A Virtual MFA device" and click "Next Step".

    * Just click "Next Step".

    * Scan the QR code on the screen by Google Authenticator and confirm the two codes and enter them.

    * Click "Finish" after successfully associating the MFA device.

  3. Confirm that the AWS root account is available with Google Authenticator.

    * Sign in to the AWS management console with your AWS root account.

    * Confirm the authentication code with Google Authenticator and enter the code.

  4. Delete your AWS account root access key.
    Security status, "Delete your root access keys" will be green after deleting it.

I checked the cloud providers that support Multi-Factor Authentication, but not so many providers support it?

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